This year, the Stewardship Commission is reasserting the challenge for all parishioners by "Continuing to Respond with Gratitude" whether it's in Time, Talent, or Treasure, we invite everyone to take up this challenge for the betterment of our parish and community. Let us CONTINUE TO RESPOND WITH GRATITUDE for God's gifts given to us. 





Theme Archive:
Responding with Gratitude (2015-2016)
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The Year of Growing in Prayer (2004-2005)
The Year of Living God's Peace (2003-2004)
The Year to Welcome In (2002-2003)
The Year of Discipleship (2001-2002)
The Year of Giving Thanks (2000-2001)
The Year to Serve One Another (1999-2000)
The Year of Worship the Living God (1998-1999)
The Year of Hospitality (1997-1998)
Whom Shall I Send...Here I Am (1996-1997)